Meet the Artist

Hello there, thank you for visiting El Art Studio!

Elise Reisser (31) is a french self-taught artist currently residing in London.

Born in a family of multiples artists with a jazz musician mother and a father and grand father painters, Elise always been immersed in a creative environment.

She started to draw her first portraits at the age of 9.

She pursued a make-up artist career in the fashion and music industry trying to keep her passions for art, people and travel in one job.

During the pandemic, she decided to invest more time in her first love: painting.

She works with acrylic and oil paint but bounces around in all different kinds of mediums. You can find her work on large scale canvas paintings, watercolour paper for smaller pieces and digital creations too. Most of her artwork is centralised around capturing portraits, emotions in a unique and creative way. 

Inspired by people and music, Elise aim to share a strong and positive energy around self love and self confidence. 

« Each piece I create holds a dear place in my heart and are made to light up the rooms they are placed in. I hope they inspire those who see them in a subjective and beautiful way. »